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Thursday 23 March 2023

Boxing champion Conor Benn's house broken into while wife and two-year-old son were at home alone

Boxing champion Conor Benn

Victoria Benn, the wife of Boxing champion Conor Benn has revealed how their house was broken into with just her and their baby boy, Eli, at home when the boxer wasn't around.


The radio personality and model who married the WBA Welterweight continental champion in 2018, detailed the incident on her YouTube channel, where she explained how she confronted an intruder after Conor had left the house just 30 minutes earlier.


According to Victoria it happened on a Sunday evening when she was eating her dinner downstairs and heard a noise upstairs.


She said: 'So many things were going through my mind and I had that horrible sinking fear feeling in my stomach but I had to check the noise because I was with my child.'


Boxing champion Conor Benn


Victoria went on to detail how she terrifyingly found a man on her staircase and started screaming and shouting at the intruder.

She was unable to access her phone as it was charging upstairs, adding to the ordeal, before her neighbours called the police.


Boxing champion Conor Benn

But, the intruder ran back upstairs before exiting through the same locked window he had entered through.

Reflecting on the shocking incident Victoria said: 'It's probably the most scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

'Finding someone in your house when you're home alone with your child I can't even comprehend how scary that is. I can't explain the feeling and fear that takes over you.

'The panic that set in was awful when I couldn't find my phone. For anyone who has the audacity to break in when a women home alone with a child, that is just awful, it's disgusting.'

Victoria added that she felt the intruder must have been watching the house as Conor left just 30 minutes ago.

She suggested no one would ever dare to enter if they knew he was still inside the house.


She added: 'How horrible it is to know your house broken into. When I'm now home alone without Conor it's not a nice feeling at all and it made me feel very vulnerable.

'Now I have that fear when I'm home alone with Eli that anything can happen. To go through that was honestly the most scariest moment of my life.'


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