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Friday 24 March 2023

Fox reporter reunites with son on air after school shooting (video)


Fox reporter reunites with son on air after school shooting (video)

A Fox News reporter hugged her son when they reunited during a live broadcast of a shooting at his school in Denver, Colorado.


Alicia Acuna, the mother of a teenager, was outside the scene, reporting on the shooting at East High School in Denver on Wednesday, March 22, where a student shot two faculty members.


During her on air report, she told her colleagues in the studio to excuse her as she suddenly saw her son walking towards her. 


“I am sorry, I have not seen my kid since this all went down,” she said.


The reporter appeared to get emotional soon after and said there was no way anyone would let their kid walk by in such a situation.


She was asked by her colleague to step aside if she wanted to meet her son but she continued with her coverage, saying: “He’s ok. He’s good.”


She said her son was the one who was telling her what was happening inside the school along with the information from her sister whose daughter also goes to the same school.


She said she was working on a different story at her desk when her son texted her about the shooting and told her there were “police officers everywhere” at school.


He told her that “the assembly was shut down, and there were cops guarding their door”.


Her sister’s daughter hid in a closet and also texted her mother.


The shooting was reported at the school around 9.50am on Wednesday after a student produced a handgun during a regular morning search before he entered the school.


The student was identified as Austin Lyle, 17 and described as a Black male. He fled the scene later.


Lyle is reported to have died by suicide after police found a body near a car around 9pm on Wednesday while trying to search for the suspect, reported 7News Denver.


The car was found in Park County on County Road 68 around 4.30pm, Park County sheriff Tom McGraw said during a press conference, according to 7News.


One of the victims of the shooting was released from the hospital, while the other person is still in a serious condition.


Watch the video below.



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