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Monday 27 March 2023

Man arrested at an all-girls school after being nabbed with a charm while masturbating


Man arrested at an all-girls school after being nabbed with a charm while masturbating

A man identified as John Zimunya has been arrested at Mutare Girls’ High School in Zimbabwe after being nabbed with a charm identified as “mubobobo” while masturbating. 


The incident prompted the girls to raise an alarm, and the caretakers at the school apprehended Zimunya, who was scantily dressed in a heavy winter morning gown and a T-shirt with no other clothes.


Mubobobo is a term used in Zimbabwe to refer to a type of traditional magic or witchcraft that is said to allow a person to have sex with someone else, usually without their consent or knowledge. The practice is believed to involve the use of charms or spells to control the actions or movements of the victim, allowing the perpetrator to engage in sex with them against their will.


It was gathered that the Police quickly responded to the scene after being alerted by the school caretakers and they took Zimunya to Mutare Central Police Station. Despite being questioned, Zimunya refused to answer any inquiries from the media.


It was also reported that Zimunya is not new to the mubobobo game. He has been spotted in the act in various locations in Mutare in broad daylight. His alleged targets include thigh vendors at Moto-Moto in the Central Business District. Some believe that mubobobo is part of his luck-enhancing charms, as he is a taxi driver and a well-known gambler.


Jealous Mufundisi, a caretaker at Mutare Girls’ High School, said Zimunya’s car was parked at the school gate, where the girls spotted him as he was busy gratifying himself. He believes that Zimunya and other men like him are ritualists who abuse innocent girls.


Mufundisi said; 


“The girls spotted him in the act and rushed to inform us. We rushed to where he had parked his car and saw him busy with his mubobobo. He was not wearing anything underneath his morning gown, save for a T-shirt. The girls said they saw him playing with his manhood while looking at them.

“Last week, we witnessed an almost similar incident. We caught a man in the act at the same gate and at the same position. We questioned him and he said four other people come and perform the same act while starring at the children.

“I strongly believe that these men are ritualists because how can someone drive all the way to a school to perform this shameful act? They are abusing the innocent girls here.”


Mutare District Schools Inspector, Mr. Edson Mapungwana, could not comment on the issue as he was still awaiting clearance from his superior to speak to the media.


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